Tools to help with maintaining that your RP character is a unique one.

-Energy Signature-
A tool to take a small bit of info about your
character, and return a few line graph readings
showing what they translate to technically, sort
of like a fingerprint, but with info from you.

-Poetry Creator-
This will generate a couple of lines of random
sentences, depending on what name you give it.
Not much use for it, just wanted to make it.

-Character Creator-
It takes a name from you, and picks details
about it according to the name you gave, to give
you new ideas about what a character could be.

-Symbol Creator-
It takes a name from you, and attempts to create
a unique (and messy) symbol from it. You can
choose the number of points (lower if it's too
complex/messy for you) and if it's filled or not.