Red Or Blue
Helps you decide whether going with S-Type (Blue Upgrade Stones) or R-Type (Red Upgrade Stones) would give you more average damage over time.

Color Chances
Determines the odds of getting a certain color on generation/crafting/synthing/whatever.

Pet Tools
Various tools for converting pet data for the wiki.

Renes Rewards
This will calculate the EXP and gold rewards for the Renes egg-guarding minigame thing.

Repair Costs
Calculator for repair costs, if you know the values involved.

Feature Hash
Gives the assumed hash of feature names.

News Checker
Checks for new (but unpublished) news articles on the NA page.

Three-pool drop data to table converter for reddit/forums.

Death Reason
Generates a random nonsensical rage excuse as to why you died.

Find The Suspect Event Calculator
Tells you who the suspect is for the 2016 Find The Suspect event.

Mabinogi<->Discord IGN Checker
Check to see if your desired display name matches your in-game name or not.