Red Or Blue
Helps you decide whether going with S-Type (Blue Upgrade Stones) or R-Type (Red Upgrade Stones) would give you more average damage over time.

Color Chances
Determines the odds of getting a certain color on generation/crafting/synthing/whatever.

Pet Tools
Various tools for converting pet data for the wiki.

Renes Rewards
This will calculate the EXP and gold rewards for the Renes egg-guarding minigame thing.

Feature Hash
Gives the assumed hash of feature names.

News Checker
Checks for new (but unpublished) news articles on the NA page.

Three-pool drop data to table converter for reddit/forums.

Death Reason
Generates a random nonsensical rage excuse as to why you died.

Find The Suspect Event Calculator
Tells you who the suspect is for the 2016 Find The Suspect event.

Mabinogi<->Discord IGN Checker
Check to see if your desired display name matches your in-game name or not.