A list of some little projects that I feel somebody else might actually benefit from.

An ever-growing collection of little snippets of info I use when on tech forums. Either proof of why something is or isn't true, or long explanations/instructions I don't feel like typing multiple times. Since there's a lot of it an individual snippet might be outdated at any given moment. The GBAtemp version is here.

Mabinogi Tools
A collection of web-based tools for the MMO Mabinogi.

RP Tools.
A small collection of experiments in dynamic image generation. Since I had no real need for these but still wanted practice, I themed them for RP/gaming characters (such as for D&D), though they don't actually see any use.

Font Image Generator.
Easily post in a specific font on any forum by having it made into an image. Currently deletes images more than two days old when a new one is generated, as this is an example and not for full use.

Public Signatures
Small collection of dynamic forum signature (mostly gaming or tech-related) I've made for people to use.

Certificate Generator.
Lets you generate a congratulatory certificate for when somebody does something really awesome, or really stupid. Used once in a blue moon to mock people.