#15(Imanecromancer21): Well i found a Probe. It got struck by a MOTHERFFFFING FALLING STAR
#14(Xakk): Catchall term for Corruption, Hallow, Crimson
(Me3): I call it taint.
(Xakk): I would have added that but it's kind of awkward in conversation.
(Xakk): "Hey I used the green solution to hose down my taint."
#13(MooCowMan): Have fun getting your face ripped off! :)
(Caziran): Isn't that the whole point of Terraria? :p
#12(W1K): 4 likes in less than a minute what the fuck people please I'm already taken.
#11(W1K): Spray-to-the-rate-of-fire-of-hell-shards insta-fkin-laser-still fire-balls-leaping-over-mountains-filling-fkin-rooms penetrating-almost-long-range-defense-reducing-pee can-go-everywhere-rainbow-shot let-me-play-the-song-of-my-people-harp frozen-bouncing-balls-tho acid-rain-damn-you-pollution.
#10(TrueMisfit): I once turned around to face a bunny and shot it with my rocket 4, point blank. Turns out you can crit yourself!
#9(Cenx): There was also another death where I drown to death because I hit the all potion button and didn't understand why I was drowning. I panicked hard while Red laughed about the gills potion. This was the first time I was to kill EoC on my own... So upsetting. Moral of my stories: Red is a troll!
#8(Cenx): Death One: The first time Red and I played Terraria he let me go into the dungeon without telling me the terror that was about to ensue.
Death Two: The first time Red has ever seen someone die to a dynamite trap happened to be my death on top of a golden chest. Everything around the chest was destroyed and it was left floating on one block for him to retrieve.
Death Three: Killing Plantera as Plantera killed me. This was my first Plantera kill while testing and I managed to kill it at the same time it killed me, I was pretty proud of this. :)
#7(mtq1): Moral of the story is: Call a thread "best method" and people will always find a way to 1up you.
#6(ZeroHunter): Im glad corruption can't corrupt bacon.
#5(Maunokki): I often walk around with just my pants on while using the invisibility potion. It's hilarious.
#4(demarco55): Yes, falling stars have cut the grass for me many times. It was very helpful because i don't like mowing the lawn.
#3(DarkOmegaMK2): there are no raves in terraria :O
(RynCage): You just been lookin in all the wrong places.
#2(KingKobold): Obviously we are Dwarves, the rest of you are just undwarvenly with your shaven cheeks and odd skin tones. Who else do you know that lives alone in mountain fortresses, constantly mining into the earth, forging arms and armor by their own skill, and are constantly at war with goblinkind?
#1(Ashur): I'm going to go with Midgets, I doubt children could take down Skeletron so well.
(Cytoplasme): You obviously never played Earthbound :P