#8(Flowz0r): I'm sure we'll find the old launch tower lying around in a ditch somewhere, at least.
#7(Jack Wolf): If it ain't broken, you're not trying.
#6(Salda007): I am so much in favor of Mainsail-powered dragster-rovers.
#5(Ascensiam): Yes, approaching a massive ball of nuclear fusion does more than singe your eyebrows.
#4(errdivideby0): But lets be real, we know the first thing that will most likely actually happen is I'll kill Jeb. Sorry buddy :/
#3(TwoHedWolf): Same first thing I do with every new release. Blow some kerbals on the launchpad.
(Catullus): Lucky kerbals!
#2(NeoArcario): The first thing you're going to do in 0.19 ?
(deadshot462): Send a kerbal on a reentry path.
#1(Unistrut): I like to think that Kerbals are like science minded Vikings. They don't get into heaven unless they die in battle rocket explosions.