#162(Dinoh): >expects a furry image
(Dinoh): >cautiously opens link
(Dinoh): >sees real female
(Dinoh): >checks if it's actually Rydian that sends me this
(Dinoh): allofmywhat.jpeg
#161(p1ngpong): mucus oggles 10 year pokemon girls the way I oggle ten year old girls irl Kazumi
#160(Kali): I remember when you showed me that YouTube video of you driving somewhere. I was so shocked you could drive! Sometimes I forget you're a real human. >>
#159(NapalmOmega): My local gamestore always get ds/3ds games a week earlier sooo you know that means ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... I'm a virgin.
#158(GameWinner): Yeah, that aliasing is really bad.
(ComeTurismO): ..Horrible aliasing.
(Pingouin7): Epic aliasing
(Gahars): I guess it's fair to say this thread is anti-aliasing.
#157(macmanhigh): Just thinking bout a new F-Zero & Metroid is giving me a Stiffy......Damn U Miyamoto for teasing Us so Hard
#156(Andim): I agree. Pokemon designs have really gone to shit. I wouldn't be surprised if the new gen's designs included landmines, household magnets, eggs with faces on them, bombs, piles of shit, karate masters, transsexual midgets in blackface, or even evolutions that just stick 2-3 of the original Pokemon together. It's really gotten bad I tell you, I wish we could go back to the glory days of gen 1 where we didn't have things like that.
#155(earlynovfan): What is your favorite moment in Gaming?
(emigre): When this thread was moved to the right section.
(Rydian): I have now made emigre's favorite moment. Does this mean we're married now?
(emigre): We effectively were when you thought about me when taking a shit whilst wearing a horsehead.
(emigre): I wish the sentence above was in fact a work of fiction rather than reality.
#154(p1ngpong): Holy crap the_randomizer actually managed to post something that didn't either make me facepalm or despise him! :O Good job :wub:
#153(Foxi4): This is the typical GBATemp experience, actually - you enter a thread, expect someone to play around with your pleasant bits and then you just leave butthurt ;O;
#152(Gahars): Darkstalkers, aka "The franchise where Morrigan and Felicia come from", has a pretty deep cult following.
#151(Gahars): Of course, this isn't a literal, physical gate to the underworld - as far as we know, no such thing exists (Hades gonna hate).
#150(Gahars): If we could easily convert that pesky saltwater into freshwater, though, well... that changes everything. Not only could we mitigate a potential-disaster, we could all collectively grab our groins and, in unison, shout, "Hey, Poseidon, suck deez nuts!"
(Gahars): You know, for science.
#149(Catboy): The only person who got butt hurt was me...but that's not even related to the thread
#148(geoflcl): I miss the days of old, where happiness was as simple as a Pictochat session full of crudely-drawn phalluses!
#147(Gahars): Like picking your nose, running around the playground, or enjoying Adam Sandler, losing teeth is something you're only supposed to do as a child. If you start losing your teeth as an adult, that could be a serious problem - they're not coming back, after all. Also, you might be a meth addict, but that's something else entirely.
#146(Guild McCommunist): Go play your shitty RTS games, I'm gonna stab a dragon in its asshole while it flies off into the sunset.
#145(Xuphor): But how the hell does ass beat a cock? :unsure:
(TwinRetro): Ever had anal after Mexican food?
#144(Rydian): If you were clean your posts would not have been removed.
(ShadowSoldier): I thought of an STD joke, then I realized that it was an STD joke...
#143(Title): Mother (Earthbound) Series To Be Re-released?
(Gahars): I knew it: you guys are a bunch of Motherlovers.
(Guild McCommunist): Ain't no doubt this shit is crazy, fuckin' each others moms.
#142(rastsan): next time just pm me for advice on threesomes....
#141(Guild McCommunist): I'd rather have a Valve beanbag chair shaped after Gabe Newell.
(Rydian): You want to nestle into those warm, loving rolls?
(Guild McCommunist): There's no need to ask a question when you know the answer.
#140(emigre): Well considering its commonly said packaging is more fun to play with than the actual toy
(Veho): Only if you're a cat.
#139(DoubleeDee): Someone should cosplay as DoubleeDee.
(Gahars): I went to look up Ed, Edd, and Eddy cosplay so I could be a smart ass, and Google Images brought up Ed, Edd, and Eddy-themed tentacle porn.
(Gahars): I guess I learned my lesson.
#138(YoshiInAVoid): Why is R4 called R4? It's such a random name and doesn't really seem to relate to anything off the top of my head.
(Depravo): It was going to be called 'Arthur' but the correct pronunciation was lost in an Engrish translation.
#137(tbgtbg): Just keep the cart up your butthole until you're past customs. And if they do look up your butthole, well, you've got bigger issues than flashcart smuggling.
#136(Black-Ice): Surely the psp would be a better portable porn device than the ds?
(Rydian): But then you can't pretend to poke the anime nipples...
(Black-Ice): And thats why Sony invented the VITA! :creep:
(Veho): Awww yeah, poking the front and the back at the same time :creep:
#135(injected11): While I like explosions, this isn't a Michael Bay movie and I like my home best when it isn't on fire.
#134(raulpica): fartcannon :wub:
#133(Depravo): I called my last computer 'Deep Thought' because it took seven and a half million years to do anything.
#132(Foxi4): Rest in Peace, Junkbot Mark II - you will be remembered. Bubbles have never been the same for me...
#131(emigre): I call mine "computer," or "PC." I'm not in the habit of giving personalised names to inanimate objects.
#130(FAST6191): Unfortunately YoshiInAVoid when taken into account with all the other requirements to be one of the "Real Men™" that is impossible in light of most other requirements of being one of the "Real Men™" requiring one to possess very little control over their dick.
#129(Title): Black Mesa Source finally to be released
(Maikel Steneker): I think Valve should definitely get these guys to work for them. They seem to understand how Valve time works at the very least.
#128(ZildjianKX): Is the DSTwo too tight for the 3DS's slot?
(nightbreed813): It fits pretty tight but not too much that you can't put it in and pull it out. Every once in a while you might need an extra nudge to get it out, but its not too much of a problem. It mainly an annoyance.
(pyromaniac123): That's what she said.
#127(JennyFurr): That terrifying moment when your cat enters the room, stares at something you can't see, then runs away in a panic.
#126(BaconBits): Prof. Stephen Hawking Visits California Swingers Club
(Densetsu): What's the big deal? He's just testing some of his latest theories on heavenly bodies rotating on his axis.
#125(Foxi4): lol@ElecticalTesticles.
(xist): Only the best games grace my PSP's memory card. ;)
#124(Costello): everyone you talk to on the Internet is actually just generated by a supercomputer to make you believe you're not alone in the world.
#123(Rydian): Well you could pretend to be Yoruichi.
(xist): Once you go Cat you never go back????
#122(mutant2): *blushes* Aww thanks Vulpes Abnocto for my first official real "Welcome". I'll try my best to stay out of that place you are most active in!!! *wink wink*
(Vulpes Abnocto): You're going to avoid my pants? D:
#121(rastsan): this is where you go "augh, why rastsan I didn't need to think about others junk"
#120(shlong): They have no tops on.
(Foxi4): You aced it on the first try! Well done!
(Veho): shlong likes to focus on the important tits. I mean bits. Sorry, little Freudian nip there. Slip. Sorry, can't concentrate.
#119(Prowler_): I could imagine you shouting randomly citation needed across a classroom.
#118(Rayder): I am Moderayder, watch your ass.
#117(Guild McCommunist): Now if you excuse me, I'm going to take a bath in batteries or something to appreciate how much I love electricity.
#116(prowler_): Best way to browse forums: Look at the topic title. Don't like it? Don't click it.
(Costello): that's the general consensus we have here.
#115(Monkat): God damn it, Rydian. My chrome suggestion for "ho" is now "horse cock cover"
#114(Veho): Well I don't know about you but I don't go to the restroom to get lucky, I go to the restroom to take a piss. And since I'm not all that much into watersports, I like to keep the two activities separate. Call it homophobic if you will. But if I were to walk into the ladies' room, start opening the stalls and openly admiring what I'm seeing, would they throw me out because they're a bunch of heterophobic lesbians, or would it be because having one's privates ogled uninvited isn't everyone's cup of tea?
#113(Rydian): Type to me with your penis too!
(Rydian): Then our keyboards can be gay together!
(Monkat): Hmm...this will be tricky with a shallow laptop keyboard...but I've never met a problem I couldn't solve by humping before...
#112(Veho): Every time someone fills the entire Latest Discussions box with his own posts, a mod gets his wings.
(Veho): And then bans the bugger.
#111(Magmorph): I wondered why I had the sudden urge to have gay sex after playing Portal 2.
#110(thaddius): I'm being forced to wear pants against my will, does that make our social structure immoral?
(AlanJohn): Yes
(thaddius): I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who wants to see my junk in public.
#109(twiztidsinz): Awesome... I'm a catwizard.
#108(CA519705950): "What's a real girl?" Demon girls FTW.
#107(MelissaUS): What is the best feeling in the world?
(MelissaUS): Mine: Sleeping in clean, warm covers when it's cold and rainy out.
(Feels Good Man): Finally taking a dump when you were holding it in the entire day. Same thing goes with needing to pee.
(bowser): Try to be more civil. There's a lady in the house!
(MelissaUS): Nah... it`s one of my favourite feelings too :)
#106(Ritsuki): I'll ask for some privacy for Christmas 2011, I hope it won't be already sold out.
#105(twiztidsinz): A lot of brilliant minds have odd quarks or habits or just behave "differently" -- we pride ourselves on our uniqueness, yet most strive for normalcy, I personally think THAT is weird. How can you be unique if you look, sound and act just like everyone else?
#104(trumpet-205): 7 inch is too much. The most I can take is 4.5 inch.
(Veho): :creep:
#103(Blaze163): Having seen what my PS3 does to old PS1 games when they're on my 42" plasma screen, I dread to think what GBC games look like on a 65"er. I must be getting more mature. I mentioned inches twice there and not one cock joke.
#102(Goli): When I was little I thought babies were born when women went to poo.
(TrolleyDave): I wouldn't discount that theory too quickly, have you seen the state of some of humanity. ;)
#101(TwinRetro): So if a console becomes useless...it becomes bricked.
Does that mean if you fuck up your flash card, it becomes tiled?
#100(Wololo): Lol, every day, when I turn my PSP on, and the "gameboot" sound starts, my wife starts singing "Pata Pata Pata Pooooon... yo ho hoi!..." before the game even runs. I think I semi-bricked my wife.
#98(Trollology): EDIT: Almost forgot I'm female.
#97(ShadowSoldier): Shit man, I mean, really? I've been here less than you and even I know you're the office slut.
#96(ProtoKun7): Is the Gobbler Effect when a turkey sounds different when it's flying towards you than when it's flying away from you?
#95(Vulpes Abnocto): What lady do you belong to?
(Vulpes Abnocto): She needs to be reminded that there's a leash law around here.
#94(Vulpes Abnocto): Poor Rydian, always letting his tongue get him in trouble.
#93(suruz): Gah.. Before I realized the game had AP I was seriously worried... I thought the whole *not being able to raise any of your sim's needs* thing was just some horrendous glitch.. xD
(Ringo619): i got married but the women is on her period all the time or maybe its the ap
#92(what12): my acekard start the game alone i dont touch the ds and its start now im reformating it help me please
(tk_saturn): Hold down (B) after the Health and Safety screen when you turn on your DS, it will then goto to the AKAIO/ Acekard menu.
(Rydian): Then go into the settings and turn autorun off in the patch settings.
(Smiths): and then kill yourself
(Another World): next show at 11 folks.
#90(BlueStar): Imagine/Horse titles sell well and the consumers of those titles rarely pirate them. And who cares if the platform is making games for other audiences? There's an absolute ton of fantastic games on the DS and no-one forces you to play the games aimed at 12 year old girls with a horse fetish.
#89(Westside): I have a feeling I may regret this when I'm not high.
#88(Veho): I want the 3DS screen to have tactile feedback so I can feel Snake's stubble under my fingers when I'm caressing the screen :wub:
#87([M]artin): This whole damn thread needs to put some pants on.
#86(nando): so far tempers are hairier than i ever imagined... not that i go around imagining it.
#85(Gore): I wouldn't have posted it if I was worried about not being able to get rid of it
(Gore): but I mean if you really wanna put my breast in your signature forever that's cool I won't argue
#84(tk_saturn): From reading Rydian's posts, I think it would be better for both him and us if he was castrated.
(tk_saturn): It's what you do with dogs, and their temperment improves afterwards.
#83(Rydian): *lonely Rydian* D:
(monkat): *hug*
(monkat): ... with tongue.
(Rydian): I NEED AN ADULT!
(Blood Fetish): I'm an adult, what seems the be the probl--oh, hug party!
#82(jurassicplayer): Hope you all have a nice morning/day/noontime/afternoon/evening/night/twilight/13th hour/etc... and make sure you join me in the festering anger thing.
(monkat): ...who are you?
(Dangy): That one weeaboo.
(jurassicplayer): Funnily enough, I don't feel like I can come up with a good argument to refute that.
#81(monkat): Guys, I fear that this thread has strayed away from it's intended topic: me.
#80(Arctic): Trolling is easier if I'm not around. Sorry.
#79(smiths): More testing needs to be done with each internal update to AKAIO. There were 3 updates this morning.
(smiths): Norm has to finish counting to potato.
(smiths): I like shiny objects, so my testing usually gets cut off when i'm distracted by the sunlight's reflection on my ceiling from the DS.
(smiths): I chase that bastard but i can never catch it.
#78(jet): So guys, any site where I can spread my ass?
#77(Dark Langin): I believe that guy is a pedophile or something like that
#76(prowler_): Possible scalies, since they are mutant human SEEDs.
(prowler_): SEGA is going for equal opportunities you see
#75(Coreyfrog7): mwahahhahahah im so excited Japan are only an hour behind me so il get the rom before anyone!!!
(_Chaz_): I don't think that's how timezones work...
#74(Gnargle): I think the release groups monitor us, and tease us with games we really want.
(Gnargle): And then don't release them until days afterwards. I KNOW YOUR GAME, VENOM!
#73(ignance): Noobs are afraid of paying for things. I have seen its true face. The forums are extended gutters and the gutters will be full of one post accounts and when the bandwith finally runs out, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their rom begging and caps lock typing will foam up about their processors and all the leechers and pirate wannabes will log in and shout "LINK PLZ!"... and I'll look up from my legitimately purchased copy of Pokemon Black and whisper "No."
#71(Another World): The PS3 Jailbreak exploit has been ported to the Dingoo.
(Trulen): All I need now is for them to port it to my microwave.
(Trulen): Seriously! The amount of things this is getting ported to is a bit ridiculous!
(Costello): they should port this to the DS-Xtreme :lol:
(Costello): it would boost the sales...
#70(Spikey): Mac is better than Windows because the M is an upside down W, which means it's the antiWindows. Wait, no... Windows is better than Mac cause the W is an upside down M, which means it's the antiMac. Wait, no...
(_Chaz_): This explains every fanboy rant ever.
(_Chaz_): I love you.
#69(Rydian): Not everybody has laser nipples...
(gameboy13): Your mom has laser nipples.
(monkat): You have six. lololol furry.
#68(Depravo): Also, props for 'lazanya'. Misspelling a word that incorrectly takes skill and dedication.
#67(geoflcl): So to redeem myself, here's a pygmy marmoset
#66(Veho): We should move with the times. The name's totally obsolete. The site is no longer about the GBA, nor is it a temporary site. DStemp would be more adequate, but pretty soon even the DS will be obsolete. And the site is here to stay, i.e. it's permanent. So let's rename the site... 3DSperm.
#65(monkat): I want you, Rydian.
#64(Costello): I've coded the site myself, and I'd forgotten about the feature :wtf:
#63(tk_saturn): I can't see why there is such an obsession of foxes on here.
(liquidnumb): I think there's some romanticized idea that they're all doing barrel rolls through space.
#62(tails100): Thinking that I wouldnt teleport somewhere......While on the toilet......
#61(dinofan01): Ooooooo this thread is getting good: classy wookie v. white man debate, ghostbuster's urine crossing the stream, and a black guy making eating popcorn look so funky. All of this from a marriage debate? I love the temp!
#60(dudeonline): Already married, but maybe we can go to the men's room and cross streams some time.
#59(Farah Day): I don't believe in furries. I think it's an elaborate joke, like scientology.
#58(Gaydrian): Slap your cock or tits on your keyboard and post the results
(Gaydrian): rfgadzg
(Ferrariman): I'm azn so my dick is very precise, don't ask me how I hit the shift.
#57(Blaze163): Right now I'm worried more about the state of my wallet (containing mostly air) and being able to drown out my old man's snoring. Seriously, it's like a fucking buzzsaw up a warthog's arse.
#56(Rydian): Spaghetti orgy.
(alidsl): Only Rydian could say this
#55(granville): Sony [...] Reminds me of Dan from Street Fighter.
#54(Westside): Leporiphobia (fear of rabbits), I once got my ass handed to me by my brother's fat rabbit, that thing is not scared of shit! It is huge!
#53(shaunj66): (I'm not high)
#52(WildWon): Well, there's a fucking 3d camera attached to the front of this thing. I can promise that my dong will be captured in 3d. More than likely not saved, but still... it'll happen at least once.
(WildWon): And you can't tell me you guys won't be trying the same thing :P
#51(coattails): The poll, as of now, says that 42% of all tempers are either gay or bi.
(coattails): Nintendo needs to start making more gay-oriented video games...
#50(ProtoKun7): I saw "NSFW joke." and I thought "Yep. It's Rydian" before my eyes had finished scrolling over to Topic Starter.
(ProtoKun7): :creep:
#49(Inunah): I didn't get my DS to do stuff like be a firefighter or a doctor. I got my DS to play as a Ninja Space Assassin or a Mutated Squid with a Dream to Marry a Mermaid with a Chainsaw.
#48(hksmrchan): How do you like anime but dislike 4chan?
#47(Thaddius): Which isn't much of a problem for Windows 7 32 users.
(TM2-Megatron): It's not a problem for cavemen, either. But nobody cares, because they're cavemen and temporally disadvantaged.
#46(Destructobot): No one has ever made me wish I'd just stayed the hell out of a thread as quickly and effectively as you just did.
#45(I2aven's_Sage): Rydian had this problem too? I feel like somewhat less of a fool now.
#44(haflore): Get set to get castrated!
#43(fgghjjkll): Seeing it was Veho, i expected this. :)
(Veho): Wait wait wait wait. Seeing it was me, you expected a butt-scratching goat? :blink:
(Veho): I'm not sure what to think :unsure:
#42(Guild McCommunist): It seems any game that has become relatively popular is instantly considered "overrated". What ever happened to just liking games because they're fun? This whole thread basically just seems like people trying to act cool by saying "LOOK I'M NOT A FANBOY". It's like the douchey emo kids at school who spend their time wearing their shitty clothing and smoking cigarettes to look cool. In the end you just look like a dumb ass.
#41(Vulpes Abnocto): Yeah, you don't have enough tits for me, either.
#40(DSGamer64): Played the demo, wasn't even enough to get me remotely interested in it, you basically just had the start of the training mission to play around with, no killing of enemies or anything.
(Law): The demo had four missions IIRC (with the final one being a battle against a tank and a bunch of enemy soldiers), way to get stuck on the training level though.
#39(removed): EDIT: Btw I didn't knew that 5 year old is pre-teen...
(DoodleMaestro): Why would you edit your post to make you look dumber?
#38(giratina16): I look great with tits.
#37(Rydian): Is everybody forgetting that I'm the OP and I posted pics of me crossdressing in the OP? :P
(Sterl500): No, the image is still burned into my skull.
#36(kleptodathief): noob here: is pokemon a fighting game like SF4?
#35(VashTS): most stuff on the nets is true. i have yet to see a false story.
#34(Searinox): unsigned boobs. shrink them below zero and they underflow to the size of the sun :D
(Sitwon): is that the explanation for signed vs. unsigned in the lolcode manual?
#33(Atashi): I give nicknames to mine. My first one, the totodile, I called Bungee. Dunno why. Then when that egg thing hatched I named him Teeple. The only downside is I forget what they're supposed to be called, and nobody knows wtf I'm talking about when I say my 'team' contains a bungee, a teeple, and a squishy...
#32(omarrrio): common guys can anyone make the patch universal really its only for english roms, plz make one for the German/French/Italian/Spanish ver
(DeltaBurnt): Someone makes a patch for the R4 and people are still whining? I'm going to go kill myself :(
#31(kwartel): *peed a little*
#30(Llama Riot): can someone send the me link for Pokemon trans & furry
#29(Miser): AKAIO: Why's the AKAIO team always giving attitude to the users? That I don't get.
(Normmatt): Because your all fucking annoying retards?
#28(bunnybreaker): Y'alls be hatin'. 360/PS3 have so many games with white, male protagonists because people relate to that, but what about Horses, you should know the DS is the preferred platform for Horses to game on.
#27(DJPlace): man i love my flashcart i could french kiss it if i could
#26(MissingNo._): Jeez, Rydian. You seem to get EVERYONE to be mad at you. :teach:
#25(BeatriceTheGolden): I don't say mean things about a homosexual's sexuality to homosexuals because that will get me banned.
(ProtoKun7): I thought that was what you meant, but didn't you just say you were one?
(BeatriceTheGolden): I'm an idiot, a hypocrite, etc.
#24(Danny Tanner): When was the last time you saw a girl that shopped at Abercrombie do Pokemon cosplay? :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
(Danny Tanner): just 1dering, might have 2 go 2 the mall
#23(ZeroPF): I happen to like having sugar poured on me while I sleep
#22(SaitoKojima): This is why IRL is better than the internet, so we can beat the shit out of idiots
#21(Beegee): Dude. My teacher has banned us calling eachother trolls. It sucks.
#20(Saddamsdevil): I never understood why there was so many sorts of poke balls, and just one kind of safari bait, but now I realised it would be bait, great bait, ultra bait and... never mind.
#19(mthrnite): The admins give me a dollar for every ban, so I'm keeping this shit open ALL NIGHT LONG BABY!
#18(tattar8): I'm going to just point out the Users Viewing Topic box. 268 Guests? WTF?
(Artix): Pokemon is serious business mon ami. You do not get between a man and his Pokemen.
(BlueStar): Is that where they speak Franch?
#16(Aeladya): I'm a girl and I use female characters unless I have no choice in the matter...it's usually because developers are too lazy to design female characters since they require "too much work"...at least according to Game Informer.
(outgum): Cause they have to animate boobs silly
#15(Blaze163): Also please note I am in the UK so don't bother telling me to go to Gamestop, etc 'cause there's no Gamestop with about 3 and a half thousand miles of my house. 3 and a half thousand miles of shark infested water at that. Much as I'm sure FFXIII will be awesome I draw the line long before getting my tackle bitten off by an angry shark on my way to the store.
#13(name removed): something tells me you don't play competitive pokemon often
(gotchapt): something tells me you don't have sex often
#12(ACWWFAN): Anyone got this working on AK2i yet with AKAIO 4.5?
(KevInChester): Can't test as my flux capacitor is broken at the moment.
#11(TrolleyDave): I laughed so hard a little bit of pee came out.
#10(Golfman560): I think shitting pancakes for the rest of my life would be fun.
#9(TrolleyDave): So you're trying to say that you manged to load a rom from the SD card by renaming it to a music file? That's about as likely as me getting my own living Christina Applegate by loading a picture of her into Winamp.
(EmperorOfCanada): Speak for yourself. I have 4 Christina Applegates locked in my basement.
#8(outgum): I love to stimulate myself with plastic :creep:
#7(beegee7730): Who needs a top hat and monocle? I was breastfed on champagne.
#6(Gore): The more I see you post the more I think you decide what to post, and then find somewhere to post it.
#5(A Gay Little Catboy): There is no need for directions to my ass
#4(Normmatt): We don't help fucktards who can't do the simplest of tasks.
#3(Sinistral89): First of all I should say that you should get someone else to smell the ds for you :/
#2(Bixbite): Actually, when the DS came out, I made like 5 shirts that said 'PICTOCHAT WITH ME' and I'd walk around with my DS open to the room selection screen.
#1(injected11): Hey baby. Wanna violate some terms of use?