#221(Owl): A bit off-topic, but on the topic of law, I usually find it odd anyhow to see how carefree many people act about this topic and tend to see everything as innocent child's play. It seems as if the whole web 2.0 generation is completely unaware of IP, the money involved in the games they are messing or even laws in general. For the most part you seem to see an attitude of "it's just the interwebz and just a game and just pixels (and I guess I'm not old enough to seriously be held responsible in court for anything i do anyhow)". So you see people hacking and modding or even go and crash game servers and channels for fun. How much fun is it realizing that in many states of the US intentionally crashing servers, aka "interruption of computer services", with an associated value as low as USD 1,000 already is a felony?
#220(Disconsented): [armature porn]
(CSquared): The ultimate engineering nerd porn?
#219(SonicOffline): I thought we had it weird enough doing a 3some with a turtle in D&D
(rydianmorrison): WHAT
(Matzrim): yeah, we have... interesting roleplaying moments
#218(Matzrim): hold on, encasing tony in fart
(Matzrim): plus... the sun will set over the fart next patch
(rydianmorrison): Just another friday in Minecraft.
(Matzrim): It's a damn good fart.
(SonicOffline): my farts are prettier
#217(SonicOffline): BRB
(SonicOffline): BUILDING FART
(SonicOffline): DRAGON ASS
#216(Wick): I want to ask what the hell is wrong with you but that would be like asking what color the sky is
#215(Slacker): in all seriousness, if they took the exact player, and added NOTHING but an app with a dial screen and only doubled the width....
(Slacker): i would buy it so fast that i would be punching the cashier in the face
(Slacker): (with my money)
#214(Latefa): ...12 year olds? >w>
(Latefa): ...Out of context that would be creepy.
#213(Slacker): i went and unclogged the pipe
(Slacker): which upon doing so, there was a 3 ft gyser in the front yard
(Slacker): and just to make sure i beat you to it - yes, my yard totally spooged
#212(Wick Was Here): Rydian just posted in WIHL.
Omg the rapture is real
#211(tehjahn): HOLY SHIT
(tehjahn): I have to start reading the URLs before clicking your links
#210(Porcelain Cupcakes): We went from Mac computers to BBQ....? :lol:
(Sitwon): What's the difference? Apple is a great wood for smoking poultry.
#209(Slacker): i imagine that if someone were to dissect your brain and map your pleasure center, that slapping down trolls would be next to sex
#208(Deeply Disappointed): Forgive the metaphor, but... In the future, code like a ninja. You write short, sweet, single-purpose functions that do exactly what they need to do and then return. Instead of one huge rambling jaunt through your thoughts, instead you want a squad of organized ninjas, each one handling one segment of your program with easy precision.
#207(nouveau sereph): Wow, your voice isn't anywhere near as creepy as I thought it'd be.
#206(Rayquazza): I've written math on dirt, I guess? That's as "applied" as I get.
(Rayquazza): It was outside. There was sun. Sun. Oh what horrible memories :gonk:
#205(galphenos): Damn it, Fedora! Did you ASK if you could kernal panic affter updating? NO, you didn't. Now, go back to your shell scripts and THINK about what you've done.
#204(A Purple Duckie): We had a baby and it turned out ok! ;)
(Rgoodermote): It turned out to be Rydian! D:
(A Purple Duckie): Shhhh we are pretending Rydian is the pet! D<
#203(Rgoodermote): I was signing up for their membership, my email is the same as my username.
(Rgoodermote): And the clerk was like "Hey, you warned me this morning."
#202(tehjahn): Of course, my dreams have a sick tendency to troll me IRL
(tehjahn): Like that time I dreamed I won the game, got excited as shit (to the point where I woke up), then remembered the dream and lost the game.
#201(Minion4Hire): But as far as SMART messages go in the OS, I've only ever seen a polite little pop-up from the system tray that most people immediately ignore out of the perpetual fear that READING AND COMPREHENDING ANYTHING displayed on their screen will cause their computer to self destruct, flinging every single fan blade across the room at high speed, overwriting their user account, violently implode its power supply causing the chassis to tip over and - with its dying breath - eject the optical drive.
#200(Merumiharu): You are just like my cousin's dog and thats weird because she is actually a dog.
#199(Rydian): Why am I so cynical?
(A Purple Duckie): because you are a CTer, it's in the forum description :P
#198(Rayquazza): Why yes, I compile with -pedantic.
#197(Rayquazza): Re: topic, if we're going to make a new thread every time a piece of Adobe software has an exploit, we should ask Gaia for a quick API to make the process easier ;)
#196(Zenia): hey rydian... mind just saying 'brb' when you have to go for a crap or something? i don't like the specific information DDDDD:
#195(Slacker): i think the consensus in general is that if you were left to your own devices that you'll befall/cause some kind of disaster
#194(Melissa): well
(Melissa): on a note that has nothing to do with creepy people talking about having sex with their pets
(Melissa): I'm looking at shoes!
#193(Ecstatically Waiting): You are rather intelligible, Have you ever thought about the Porn Industry as a business?
#192(The Last Rydian): Where've you been?
(PyritePyro): Mostly RL. Got a job, got a new place, been busy. When I've been at home I've been more interested in porn and cybersex than in giving free help on computers to other people.
(The Last Rydian): You made me spit up some ginger ale.
(PyritePyro): I'm smart, not complex. In many ways, I'm a simple man, of simple pleasures.
#191(Bolweevil): You probably tried to make one of your wacky tech discussions out of it...
"Do these boobies look like they need more RAM?
Discuss: Booobies, RAM"
#190(Alexis): You're so grumpy in C&T. XD
#189(Alliieennss): I guess I don't think about poop strategy as much as you.
#188(Sitwon): You won't like the Slackware, Gentoo or Arch communities. We'll teach you to swim by dropping you in the deep end.
#187(Alliieennss): My friend let me pet some of her chickens on a hot day and they smelled like cooked chicken.
#186(Rydian): Why are you sorry?
(Merumiharu): I dont know, I was talking about stuff that wasnt disturbing or rude
(Merumiharu): it felt off
#184(The Last Rydian): Marry me. XD
(Sonic Offline): And then me! We can have a 3 way love triangle!
(Gabriel Faust): There are way too many di**s in this equation.
(psychic stalker): Says you.
#183(Slacker): oh, i thought of a firefox slogan
(Slacker): "Private Browsing. Because Rydian is out there."
#182(Rydian): Be glad I didn't sue, or you'd be walking around with a fingernail that used a barrel for clothing.
(Melissa): Man we got way off topic
#181(Merumiharu): that was the scariest few seconds ever
(Merumiharu): I just clicked and THEN read _fap
#180(ScriptKitten): Wow, you know you're sleep-deprived when you're in Gmail and you misread "searchable" as "chewable"...
#179(Naked Bacon): lol just saying an iphone is better than an ipod and a zune. and what the hell is a zune? D: we don't have a zune in europe D:
#178(Sonic): I totally want to fart into a mason jar
(Sonic): and mail it to you
#177(Edhel): No, your cat isn't gay. It's just suffering from gender identity disorder. Time to start saving up for gender reassignment surgery.
(popoffka): Who pays for gender reassignment surgeries? Be a man, disassemble your cat's firmware, then modify it and upload it in his brain!
#176(Rgoodermotea): Also, stop interrupting my porno!
#175(Imkraz2): Vista was set by China who puts hacked codes and hack anyone who have Vista. That why Im very against it.
#174(sonicoffline): I kissed a girl
(sonicoffline): I didn't like it.
(sonicoffline): :x how do you do that sh**?
(sonicoffline): I WISH I WAS YOU
(bretwho101): I thought that was a dream
(sonicoffline): three questions
(sonicoffline): A) why were there pictures of your c***?
(sonicoffline): 2) How did you find them?
(sonicoffline): Pi) Why wasn't I involved?
#172(Sitwon): Getting formatted feels like having someone shove red hot tacks under your fingernails. Luckily most flash drives are built without pain receptors (the manufacturers leave them out to cut costs) so your drive probably won't feel any pain and won't mind at all.
#171(Arctos): i understand it's hard for you to make sense, as a furry, but please try on my behalf
#170(sonicoffline): ...You're like a puppy. You know that?
(sonicoffline): you see anything even remotely resembling breastises and you're all "OMG IS THIS A TITTAY?!" and do /something/ to embarrass yourself over it.
#169(greyfaded): I'd show you a film of my cat's antics, but aside from the fact that I don't have a video camera, my cat is a black hole. She's just a moving black warp in space-time and doesn't actually appear on any kind of film or CCD.
#168(Sarahsuke): Not all furries may be sickos, but you have to admit that there's a surprising number of them in the fandom. The main problem is that furries at large tend to be /too/ accepting of that behavior because they like to see the fandom as a refuge from the ostracism of society. This lack of "quality control" is what makes it all a huge clusterf***.
#167(Sitwon): You get paid because your code solves a problem, not because the language you used has some technical superiority to another.
#166(KirinDave): You sure got them by calling them geeks with no lives! Rest assured, (person), they're all gnashing their teeth and crying because they've been found out. Hey everyone, the jig is up! (person) found out we have no lives. I'm just gonna go leap off a cliff now, because what's the point of it all? A total stranger has judged forum posts and inferred all that can be known about my life. He has found me lacking anything. My life constitutes no life at all! Goodbye, cruel world. But you won't miss me, because (person) says I had no life at all!
#165(Sitwon): Rydian can do more with a 486 on a 14.4Kbps dial-up connection than you could with pimp'd Alienware.
#164(YourFaceIsInvalid): lol this forum reminds me of the senior citizen Q&A section of the Computer Basics for the Elderly class we offer at my college.
#163(Rayquazza): Haha wtf. You want a video on how to bot the site. And you're asking this on the site.
Wow. How do you cross the street every morning without running into cars?
#162(Furry Porn Go): I feel sort of impeding or something, though... I am kinda new to people being really helpful from Gaia, considering I frequented the GeeDee for most of the five years I've been on the site ^^;;
#161(quakehead): Pffff...This topic is too boring. Can't you discuss something more interesting? :stare:
(Wick Was Here): Cue Rydian in 5,4,3...
#160(El33t): with that in mind we are not here to serve you we do not get money for each problem we fix we do it out of the kindness of our heart. the only exception might be Rydian (I think he gets withdrawl symptons)
#159(Tatsu-Ya): Actully, fat chicks are like furry's IRL
They're all soft and cuddly, and there is always the significant threat they might eat you
#158(Sonic Offline): So my mom was going through the images on my computer. She found my porn and wasn't too excited over it, but she found my wallpapers folder, which is 400 images, 380 or so are furry. About a minute later I walked into the room and she told me she liked the wallpapers. I asked, she said the ones with the animals. I had to ask her, if you would be one what would you be. She said "probably a cat". Dear god, my mom's a furry...
#157(The Last Rydian): Yes, I'm lazy. :heart:
(Twistex): By our laziness combined we are...
Doing nothing. :)
#156(Rayquazza): I would rather not shave your legs.
No. I will definitely not shave your legs.
I can call you grampa if you so wish.
#155(Omg Teh Colors): boy, you have the WEIRDEST tastes. do you get up and decide "how awkward can i make my avatar today?" xDDD
(sonicoffline): xDDDDD
(sonicoffline): you vomit on him?
(sonicoffline): her***
#153(marc123098): no, I don't even remember you eating salt and boner though!
(marc123098): vinegar*...
#152(Bolweevil): I fear I lose credibility the more I end up in your signature
#151(Rydian): I'll be gone for months. You know what this means?
(Milkbun): fewer people getting leg humped? o.o
(Milkbun): you'll get another thread in C&T going "I know that rydian kid is weird but I'd let him hump my leg to get him back"
#150(Bolweevil): You're like the C&T's dysfunctional pet... We hate that you're always pissing on the carpet, but we keep you around because you bite the right people.
#149(Jessica Entranced): It's very illegal to use hacker tools and only hackers use ping
#148(mait23): ur such a noob pinging can cause much damage so much ur head would explode from the fact u kno nothing so shut up cause u make no cents
#147(Empress Sereph): ITT: Regs agree with each other! In other news, flaming plasma has been seen raining from the skies in downtown Manhattan. More news as it arrives.
#146(Merumiharu): only in C&T do you guys spend 2 pages figuring out the best way to wipe a harddrive when the original poster is trolling by asking how to erase his giraffe porn
#145(Bolweevil): I felt like saying something.
I can't always be bothered to think first.
#144(Fenril): I love you more than all the-
(Mikki): FARTS
(Fenril): -in Canada. :B
#143(Rydian): Why do I sound like Mikki?
(Mikki): Why do I sound like - hold on, gotta' check the C&T.
#142(hotstuff335): blah blah blah im going to get what i want and thats to hack her computer for fun, because she hacks mine and all i want is a little help through pinging. and i will get what i want when i want it
#141Rydian: Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. ...
Bol: It looks like Rydian is stuck in a loop.
Markup: He probably got fur in the circuits again.
Caitlyn: At least he's not humping my leg!
*audience applauds*
#140(Bolweevil): wanna tell me any other C&T regs are actually males?
(Bolweevil): Just in case you haven't DESTROYED MY WORLD enough?
#139(Bolweevil): I smacked myself in the balls once.
(Bolweevil): I don't really have a clever excuse, I just thought it would be fun...
(Bolweevil): I was wrong...
#138(Omg Teh Colors): esp due to me having half-mexican ethnicity and the lovely last name of (you know what, on second thought, i'm editing this out, rydian's too creepy.)
#137(Markup): I just stare down my electronics until they feel inadequate. If you lower their self esteem they will never try s***.
#136(I Ate My Food Stamp): Wtf aren't you supposed to be in the Tech forum? :gonk:
(The Last Rydian): I managed to get my collar off! =D
(I Ate My Food Stamp): Excuse me I have to let them know you're loose in our forum.
#135(LeMello): My only gripe with VISTA is that it is taking away user rights.
I am a programmer, and i do not like the way the OS has been constructed. Too automated for my liking.
(Caitlyn McKenzie): So in other words, your gripe is you don't know how to program properly?
#134(Merumiharu): too early
(Rydian): It's never to early for me to bring my owner stuff I killed! Except most of the animals outside are scary and I'm too noisy to catch the others... so... I caught you a pop tart! It put up quite a struggle. Would you like it toasted? <3
(Merumiharu): oh f*** you that went from creepy to kinda adorable
#133(Rydian): *paws at*
(k3na): o__o
(k3na): lol it's hilarious
(k3na): you're like all serious in the C&T and then you do that thing.
#132(Flood Fighter): How does someone get to be as weird as you?
(Flood Fighter): Was there a special class or something?
#131(galphenos): Why do you even bother marking it NSFW? Isn't everything you send automatically marked with that?
#130(BretWho101): I saw two squirrels humping in a tree like a month ago
(BretWho101): Then they fell out
(BretWho101): I laughed pretttttty hard
#129(Merumiharu): put some clothes on
(Rydian): It's not like my genitals are hanging out!
(Merumiharu): oh thats right you guys keep them hidden in like some secret bat cave
#128(Minion4Hire): I prefer the steadfast and resolute hyphen. PCI-E b**ches.
#127(Tara): I hope I'm not bothering you. :S
(Tara): Why did you keep leaving? ;_;
(Rydian): 'Cause I'm more emotional than some women?
(Milk): Its true
(Milk): He cries after every leg hump.
#126(LunarLobsta): Okay if you were a free-range iPod charge cable where the f*** would you go.
#125(kiyoske_dante): xD Whats the difference between you and you in heat?
(kiyoske_dante): WAIT DONT ANSWER
#124(galphenos): Shower time. Just imagine me naked, hot, and wet, in the shower. If that doesn't help, imagine me with a tail and fur.
#123(zerod): Sorry, rydian seems to be in heat.
#122(Alice): When you're a furry
(Alice): You have to compromise on gender.
#121(Rydian): Ilusien is the artist working on the art for my "Watch rydian strip as your CPU load increases" project.
(Merumiharu): come again
(Merumiharu): I hope I read that wrong
#120(Bolweevil): may save you on bandwidth too since your limit apparently went down faster than your pants at a dog show...
#119(Merumiharu): u hav 2 b the tramp
(Merumiharu): Since im classy and s*** like a lady
#118(Merumiharu): Rydian, would you like me to get in your pants?
(Rydian): I'd settle for petting. ^^
(Merumiharu): ... did I just get rejected?
(Merumiharu): is this what it feels like?
#117(Merumiharu): And its not like im going to catch furry by touching your computer
#116(Bolweevil): that's it.. I've had enough... The weddin is OFF!
(Rydian): How often have I heard those words?
(Bolweevil): too often...
(Bolweevil): and not often enough
#115(Rydian): Er, why have you not been brushing me?
(Myspoonistoobig): Because that's hella gay :(
#114(jironimokasumi): Gawds... I'm so tired of today even though it's my birthday. I just want to get back home and cuddle into my book.
(Rydian): Grab a few books and make an orgy out of it!
(jironimokasumi): Hah. I only make love to one book at a time.
#113(Merumiharu): well if I kill you then I dont have to dislike you so less work
(Merumiharu): i vote killing
#112(Merumiharu): no no no
(Merumiharu): it is not ok to spank me
#111(Bolweevil): thats ok, I can repeat myself.. I have more staying power than they do..
(Bolweevil): I'm up WAY past their bedtime
(Bolweevil): Not until you've impregnated some part of meru and she has your offspring
(Rydian): Human + furry = catgirl anyways. I don't think meru wants to raise catgirls.
(Bolweevil): she loves cats!
#109(Bolweevil): You a**c**k.. I said you did not get her name from me...
(Bolweevil): you fail at not passing on ****ups
#108(youve_been_killered): Anyways, I have always been wondering, are you a girl or a boy?
#107(Draconic50): prolapsed rectum
(Draconic50): oh wow that would have been a hell of a message to send to the wrong window
#106(Bolweevil): the number of pirates who think their music is "in limewire" is depressing
#105(sonicoffline): I had it once pop up with "Dogs masturbating." I lol'd so hard I shat myself.
#104(sonicoffline): because that's okay if you're panting
(sonicoffline): I'm just that damn hawt in womens underwear
#103(The Last Rydian): *humps your leg*
(Paxster Jones): unless my leg is high-fiving your junk, I don't think so. A for effort?
#102(milkbun): My furry detector went off wildly when I saw a New Message while browsing C&T. Seems my instincts were correct.
#101(kiyoske_dante): Oh man, I hate it when my erections won't go away."I'm staying in case something good shows up!"
#100(Bolweevil): for as much as you quote me, I should probably make an effort to not typo so f***ing much
#99(DeadSeraphim): Satan, however, is immortal, rich, and has a wicked mean computer. The Rydian has yet to obtain either of those qualities. Yet. Only time will tell what powers his Feast of Souls will grant him, what terrible magicks he will wield.
#98(galphenos): Squishy nads are annoying
#97(Rydian): Some php antics of mine brought down the server a bit ago.
(galphenos): ... How?
(galphenos): system("echo {$root_passwd} | sudo init 0");
(galphenos): ???
#96(Rydian): Wrong window.
(galphenos): If only that was the excuse for at least half the stuff you said...
#95(galphenos): I mean... I've gone two years without sex....... I wonder how long until I end up humping park benches....
#94(Rydian): Yes, but not yet. I want something yummy in my mouth. D:
(Kiyo): I was going to say "Bento!" but then I read "yummy" and I noticed that I haven't tasted him before.
#93(Duke Shard): albino porn is tough to find
#92(linuxfood): I'm in the middle of trying to figure out why a thing I made sucks cpu like a greedy nympho.
#91(Rydian): Isn't my avatar sexy?
(Bolweevil): pixels don't do it for me
(Bolweevil): only sheep
(Bolweevil): and the occasional human woman
#90(bolweevil): my special kitty is even more special now that I've cleaned off the floor in my bedroom
(bolweevil): it's floor he's never seen before
(bolweevil): he now gets lost in the wide open spaces
#89(bolweevil): were you or were you not wearing pants when you did that pirouette of pain across the office?
(Rydian): I was wearing pants.
(bolweevil): see, you obviously were distracted by them because of your lack of experience wearing them
(bolweevil): I rest my case
#88(Shoroo): You need to always have a camera pointed at you
(Shoroo): Except when you masturbate.
(Shoroo): Turn it off then.
#87(Bolweevil): sadly, the portable DVD player did not come with any preinstalled IM clients.. a design flaw of epic proportions.
#86(BretWho101): No, but DJ told me how he peed himself on the way home from school a couple weeks ago
(Rydian): XD How the hell do you pee yourself? Just pull your pants down and pee on somebody ELSE.
(BretWho101): He said he made sure it got all over a rich person's grass.
#85(Bolweevil): I suppose if you want to.. although it's not one of my better quotes.. but I'm a quote whore so I won't say no...
#84(Rydian): My head itches and I bite at my claws so I can't scratch it. Scratch it?
(Kitsuta): No, and stop f***ing asking me stuff like this
(Kitsuta): I'm not your girlfriend and I'm not a whore
(Rydian): ... PMSing? ^^;
(Kitsuta): LOL
(Kitsuta): Yes, because clearly the fault could not lie with *you*
#83(Ophichius): Listen to Rydian. (Did I really just type that? Take his technical advice, then flee before he tries to hump you.)
#82(LadySerena): Twistex, ftw!
(leiutenant_dan): I believe an orgy in his favor is in order! :gonk:
(Twistex): Invent a position after me! Then show me a video!
(leiutenant_dan): I cant do that without finding a very DURABLE camera. :sweat:
#81(Eiksep): Uh, Where can I download the program kid pix 3? If you know please give me the link.
(evilDagmar): Honestly, I really would rather not risk Google searching for "kid pix" thanks.
#80(Shoroo): Was he eating cat treats at the time?
(Shoroo): Like, from a baggie?
(Shoroo): Oh, I thought you meant cat poop, so I figured he was eating poop right from the cat, since you don't want to eat stale cat poop, that's gross.
#79(Rydian): Explaining to warui how you properly wipe your a** with only one sheet of toilet paper.
(bolweevil): I use a pre-moistened cat... they clean themselves.
#78(Warui): Rydian will also have his head preserved in a jar, because, for lack of a better reason, we're better off if he doesn't have a body.
#77(Rydian): Nothing stops me from complaining.
(Rydian): Except soft breasts in a slightly-cold room with dim lights. And bacon on a plate.
(Warui): You've got your priorities mixed up.
#76(sonic offline): if I'm horny, I don't announce it around strangers or whatever (legal reasons)
#75(Warui): Do you really want proof that Rydian has balls? Do you honest to god want Rydian to prove that to you?
(Kiyo): Shoroo has a point. We don't want to waste all that time with you uploading a picture, when you could be using that time to cure cancer or tell someone to read the f***ing stickies.
#74(Rydian): I don't eat babies.
(galphenos): Once again, I'm surprised.
(Warui): I concur, I, too, am surprised at this.
#73(Warui): This is the Internet. Your voodoo doesn't work here.
(Warui): YEAH, WELL, S*** HAPPENS.
(Rydian): You're not my real father!
(Warui): THANK GOD.
#72(Noah Dolph): sometimes when I'm feeling sad I ban your account
(Noah Dolph): then I unban it right away
(Noah Dolph): but I look in the logs and focus on me banning you
(Noah Dolph): and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside
#71(Rydian): No, internet.
(Rydian): BAD internet.
(Rydian): "Maybe you meant:"s***ting_d***nipples""
(Rydian): No, internet. I certainly did not.
(Kiyoske): xDDDD
#70(bolweevil): you're the kind of guy where you say something outrageous like "I f***ed a sheep" and the people around you, instead of laughing because they know you're joking, stare confusingly at eachother trying to figure out if you're serious...
#69(Warui): I used it to fill up one of those insecticide sprayers
(bolweevil): so THAT's who's been stealing my ballsweat.. that's a relief.. I thought my balls' sweat glands were broken...
(Rydian): Checked yourself?
(bolweevil): thoroughly
#68(Rydian): You're not supposed to type on a calculator with your balls.
(Warui): I thought that was how they worked
(Warui): They sense the electrical capacity of your balls and determine the numbers and functions based on that
(Rydian): That's DDR.
(Warui): OH, F***
#67(Bolweevil): *punches your reset button* (which is located in your crotch)
#66(Bolweevil): kneecaps: nature's birth control
#65(Rydian): Or sell it.
(Bolweevil): f*** that
(Bolweevil): I didn't buy this stuff to sell it
(Bolweevil): I bought it to have it, and to be better than everyone else
#64(Bolweevil): yes, I poop, some baby parts can't be completely digested
#63(Rayquazza): Indeed, it would become sort of like /b/.
"moar samples!"
"sauce 4 ur polymorphism?"
"a statically typed language is fine too"
etc etc.
#62(Kiyoske Dante): Six Rydians one cup
#61(CSquared): So say I searched for "toast", for sake of argument, it would produce some kind of BDSM where toast is used as a torture implement.
#60(Markup): I could probably download the binaries, but that would ruin the whole point of using Gentoo.
#59(Scribble Me Orange): OH GOD. FURRIES. - cries in the corner - ;_;
#58(Markup): When I think of you I think of someone who IS a stalker, not someone who would get stalked.
#57(Bolweevil): your signature isn't big enough for the disclaimers you should have...
#56(Tatsu-ya): Okay, if you're not a kitty, not a dog, not a hyena, y'dont look like a fox or a wolf, what the SODDING HELL ARE YOU!
#55(Merumiharu): Because most of your PMs scare me. :sweat:
#54(Mikhalia): I've yet to see a Spanish messageboard where a native English speaker is saying "h0l4! Qu3 t4l?"
#53(greyfaded): No one codes to any standard, they just vomit on their keyboard until IE displays something.
#52(Moonblossom): I've been really busty lately.
#51(Rhapsody Scarlet): I'm a proponent of the more conciliatory policy of giving them their own space and leaving them be. Furries generally don't mingle with the general population unless they've nowhere else to go. Forcing them out in the open is just inviting cyber-genocide.
#50(KirinDave): Inputting data into the computer is the worst part of the computing experience.
#49(DeadSeraphim): Sometimes I think I'm getting used to your weirdness, then BAM! Curveball.
#48(Pixel Frog): Oh god, I feel like such a geek talking about sleeping with my window manager. :gonk:
#47(KirinDave): To be honest, I'm kinda terrified of people who use just plain Notepad to code. It's like meeting someone who refuses to wear anything but furs they've caught themselves, despite living in the first world. You know something is wrong, but you're afraid to tell them because they may hurt you.
#46(~O_oShadowRoseKasumio_O~): I'm going to make Rydian feel unloved, but I had a dream about killing him. I was on a computer, doing the usual homework, and it broke. Rydian comes up offering to fix it and after like 5 minutes of fighting, I assaulted him with the keyboard and actually succeeded in killing him with a keyboard... I used the cord to strangle him, but the keyboard was used nonetheless.
#45(Bolweevil): It's the downfall of the Rydian species that throughout their entire existence they never learned to reproduce properly. They simply never learned exactly what to hump. Legs can not bare children. They're doomed to go the way of the dodo..
#44(sonic offline): I'm so down now I'm debating on pissing my pants for the lulz and excitement
#43(Slutty_Eddie): I mean, Edison as a kid had access to things I couldn't hope to get as an adult. As an adult, I feel like most of my life was directed towards TV and popular entertainment, because any sort of route, besides computers, was cut off. I have a feeling that's why nerd culture went from science clubs to computer clubs, because computers are the last place where we can be free to hack.
#42(BretWho101): That reminds me. Jason and I were sitting there and I was stacking Jon's dread beads and Jason was like what are those? And i'm like dread beads so he's like are you sure? So I jumped up and farted on his face.
#41(Kiyoske Dante): Those dasterdly commas can be surprising, as they disguise themselves as fullstops with tails.
#40(Bolweevil): The internet is about the only place where people are set loose with absolutely no training or education, which makes absolutely no sense to me considering people often do important things on the internet, like banking and other things that if not done correctly could result in identity theft. When will they start teaching this crap in schools? The internet isn't going away so when are we going to start preparing people to use it before it's too late?
#39(Noriscaliwag F Zachadoris): If TCP/IP is sexing then torrenting is like participating in a gaint orgy.
#38(Everyonebutyou): Also, just for your information, Rydian and Bento are life mates on my Sims game.
#37(Bolweevil): The digital generation wouldn't know a hurricane was hitting their house unless some widget told them so.
#36(evilDagmar): Darn it. The site distracted me with some random gift box.
#35(BretWho101): Don't you hate it when it's a little fart that won't come out on its own and you have to lift one of your cheeks and then when you let go they're off so you have to get up and realign them?
#34(Bolweevil): All piracy tells people is that you can't do what it takes to be able to afford the things you steal, probably because you're not productive enough in the ways that count.
#33(Bolweevil): My new monitor came today and I want to get home and molest it some more.
#32(LadySerena): Rydian NOT hump my leg? I'd be sooooooo confuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzled, I don't know what I'd do! :gonk:
#31(corrupted data): on an unrelated note, you make a mildly cute trap.
#29(Rayquazza): You people are excited over an operating system release? My God. Your glasses must be 2 inches thick at least!
#28(Darkphantom): I have no strong objection to Rydian posting naked.
#27(Ghetto Empress): I named my new kitten after you. Lol. And hes always in my lap, or laying on my chest.
#26(-=[Lord.Necros]=-): ... in Soviet Russia apt gets you!
#25(Morden): Its 9 PM and KeBugCheckEx has executed. Do you know where your Kernel Debuggers are?
#24(Kiyoske Dante): Only 'T3h 1337 h4x0r5' spell things with cash signs, because they think it takes money away from Microsoft.
#23(Gharbad): For a furry you sure do spend a lot of effort on shaving...
#22(Bolweevil): HA! I shave with a stick of ram! WHILE IT'S STILL IN THE COMPUTER!
#21(Yung_Vicious): Any of yall playas got some programming experience?
#20(Palmer586): I don't think you can tell what hand I masturbate with though...
#19(Rayquazza): *hates humanity* I have to get up at 6am each day, and return home at 11:30pm. fgsfds. FGSFDS.
#18(little_oni_of_the_web): My new MP3 player is named after you because I want "Rydian" in my pants more often xD
#17(ramiel.sheep.of.lightning): Let's say "shpadoinkle."
#16(The Smexy Ninja): Have you ever (insert dolphin noise here) With an animal?
#15([Ayamechan]): I say that if there're gonna be people claiming to be real vampires, there should be real vampire hunters. Then there wouldn't be so many people claiming to be vampires. :D
#14(Bolweevil): Sounds like you have the old hemorrhoids firmware. That firmware rejects hardware insertion something awful.
#13(Shoroo_Lupin): My anus is bleeding. It started bleeding while I was dancing. Do you think it might have something to do with the GeForce 8800 I installed last week? I only have a 200 watt power supply, but it'll work, right?
#12(Ophichius): How is it that every thread Rydian is in winds up needing a <*rape> tag?
#11(Hen v1.2222): Not only can you watch porn on the iPod video's small screen but you can also watch gay porn. Get an iPod, they are almost as sexy as me.
#10(NetherWolf): Suddenly the thought of you in a french maid outfit popped into my head. I'm going to bash my brains out now. Don't wait for me to come back.
#9(NetherWolf): No kidding. All this time I just thought you were a furverted twerp, not a hardened net-criminal.
#8(Shoroo_Lupin): You're still using vinyl? I've upgraded to portable wax cylinders at this point.
#7(machineman9): if my thick a** cat can find its dinner bowl, then im sure slightly intelligent people can find a big a** sticky on the right forum
#6(xiiladyofumbar): =/ Bah, I resemble my mum alot except I am bit more edgucated.
#5(miss_derisive): The internet was designed specifically to survive a massive worldwide nuclear war.
#4(Bolweevil): It's almost like they paid a staff of professionals to do some research into the matter. And here I was thinking that Microsoft's designs were cranked out at random, with no rhyme or reason.
#3(Unknown Variable): I'm not a furry, per se, but that doesn't mean I haven't fapped to fur-porn. >_>;
#2(evilDagmar): You guys need to stop drinking the damn kool-aid.
#1([Midori]): Yiff... mmmm... who doesn't want to screw an anthro? It's mild beastility! But with bewbs! And that other thing! Dun screw teh skunks... :gonk: