Current Project Outline
The current game project will be a semi-puzzle platformer involving moving objects around and finding items for NPCs in order to progress to the next level. There will be three playable characters, each with different stats/abilities, which you swap around on the fly as you play the levels.

Demonstration Video

Current Demo
Check out the current build here. It's updated for testing every so often, so things might be broken at any given time.

Level Design
If you're here to do level design stuff, check out the information document I wrote here.

(Old/Scrapped Project Outline)
Project Concept
I want to make a furry videogame involving various characters. I'm going to be the one actually doing the game's technical development, but if I'm the only one making the resources and shit too, I'll get burnt out and bored quickly.

This game WILL be free, there is no money to be had in this project whatsoever.

Game Concept
It'd be like the game version of a vaudeville variety show, a collection of arcade-type minigames. You'd have a little bit of storyboard and then a stage, and it'd repeat. Which story segments and minigames you run into might depend on your choices between stages (and perhaps your performance in the minigames) depending on how much content there is.

Example: Refuse to warn the random German Shepard girl you met in the city that she's about to step into toxic waste? Well, the next stage involves trying to escape the city while a 500-foot-tall German Shepard is wrecking it (kind of like macro furry canabalt). However if you stopped her, the next stage would be something else like helping her find some items she dropped on the way to the store (a point-and-click searching segment).

The game would consist of storyboards and choices that affect which stage you play next, so it wouldn't be a "serious" game, it'd be something a small group of people could contribute to with a wide variety of minigame types. Something like that would be unique (catch attention), non-serious (encouraging story freedom), and allow lots of varying situations (so we can get a lot of furs in on it).

What I Need
I want your characters, ideas, and resources (music, graphics and such). As far as characters, developed furry/anthro characters are preferred, ones with specific reference art and a set personality to work with.

As far as ideas, ideas for storyboard segments and the minigames they can flow into. The minigames should be made up of simple mechanics, like "dodge the falling (object)s", but the things also need to link into a (potentially nonsensical) story. What is (character x) dodging, and why is their feet being bitten by weasels at the same time? I want simple mechanics so I don't spend 10 hours per segment doing the coding... this should have a wide variety of minigames and segments, not focusing too much on any single part.

What About Graphics?
I can't draw for shit (placeholder graphics are generally mspaint scribbles and the like). However if I get interest from a few people and make some working prototypes then we, as a group, would already have some defined characters (opposed to generic placeholder characters) and actual visible alpha levels (opposed to nothing but some written-down ideas), and that might show a potential sprite/3D artist (and composer?) that we're seriously going to do this, and they might chip in, either freely or cheaply.