Here's an imcomplete listing of some game projects I've worked on in the past. I tend to do these either for learning a new environment, checking out toolkits and engines to see how well they work, or just for laughs.

Ninja Project
Current project, very little is complete. Attempting to make an old-school arcade-to-home platformer game about ninjas.

Tentacle Trouble
A short little game for a friend, where you wield tentacles in an effort to bring down a magical matriarchy. Or something. I only watched the trailer.

The Chase Game
A short little collect-the-objects game I made to play around with Unity and also poke fun at a friend of mine.

Ferghus Simulator
Plays as Ferghus and break some weapons.

Make Fun of Syrips
What it says on the tin.

Make Fun of Syrips 2
Part 2 with more action!

Platformer PoC
A previous project, a platformer puzzle solver and item finder game. It didn't end up being very interesting, I got in over my head trying to include proper physics and a lack of planning, and the sprite artist vanished so this is at a standstill, it's here 'cause some of it was done at least.

WTMabi: The Drama: The Musical: The Game
Silly little game about people in a Mabinogi guild.